Cyber Security

978 million people in 20 countries were affected by cybercrime in 2017.

A cyber attack is one of the most difficult & problematic security risks that your organisation will face. Ransomware, data leaks and email hacking have been a prominent feature in headlines already in 2018, and the resulting financial and reputational repercussions could be detrimental to a business, particularly if an adequate response plan is not in place.

Resilient Defence give organisations peace of mind by ensuring their human, intellectual and physical assets remain protected from illegal infiltration.

Our teams local presence and international experience provides invaluable risk management insights for our clients, which in turn facilitates their own strategic business decisions. To discuss your business challenges in more detail, reach out to our team here.


Part of Reconnaissance Group

Resilient Defence is a subsidary of Reconnaissance Group, a Security Risk Management Company with offices in Dublin, New York & Haiti.

Building Defence In Depth

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