Our People

Shane Henry - Chief Executive Officer

As CEO of Reconnaissance Group, Shane has managed the growth and development of the company since 2006. Shane has a military background, having served with the Irish Defence forces in the Middle East and Africa. Shane has developed Reconnaissance Group into a multinational security risk management company, managed by a dedicated expert team of professionals across Dublin, New York and Port Au Prince, Haiti.

With evolving threats to clients, Reconnaissance Group formed Resilient Defence as a subsidiary to address the evolution of Cybercrime within the business community. Shane brought together a team of IT and TSCM professionals to uniquely offer physical, cyber and TSCM services under one banner.

Shane holds a degree in Security & Risk Management from the University of Leicester and is currently studying for a Diploma in Business Continuity.

Keith Duggan - Chief Operations Officer

Keith is a Certified EU GDPR Practitioner, qualified Technical Security Specialist (TSS), a certified ISO 9001:2015 Lead Auditor and holds a certificate in Business Continuity (CBCI). Keith also holds a diploma in Diploma Building and Service Management in addition to a BA in Architecture.

Keith joined Reconnaissance Group in 2013 following a successful career in executive protection and leads the protective operations and asset protection management teams. Through Resilient Defence, Keith leads the Technical Surveillance Counter Measures Team and the Business Continuity Team.

From Dublin, Keith's experience working on both sides of the Atlantic brings a wealth of knowledge and skill to the team. Keith is extremely customer focused and ensures all expectations are not only delivered upon but also exceeded.

Brian Casserly - Cyber Security Analyst

Brian’s practical experience spans over 15 years in locations such as Ireland, Balkans, Africa and the Middle East.

Brian has completed his Master’s Degree in Forensic Computing & Cybercrime Investigation from UCD and has over 7 years experience as an instructor in the following topics: ICT security, Safe & Secure Internet usage, Microsoft Office Application usage, Data Protection legislation, Online Collaboration platforms, Personnel Management Database and Safe Social Media usage.

Having spent nearly 21 years in the Defence Forces, Brian brings an incredible discipline, work ethic and expertise which is second to none.


Brian O'Driscoll - TSCM Expert

Brian O’Driscoll joined Reconnaissance Group in 2016 after spending 18 years in The Defence Forces of Ireland. Brian has accumulated extensive experience as an instructor and educator working with NATO, E.U. and United Nations on an operational level across four different continents and at a strategic level in Training and Education.

Brian's qualifications in Training, Analysis, Design, and Development can be seen throughout the entire Reconnaissance Group portfolio, establishing and maintaining best practice models on an ongoing basis as part of his role as an Internal Auditor. His most recent achievement is from the Institute of Technology Carlow in the form of a HDIP in Business Management.

Over the last 2 years, Brian has been unwavering in his development of our TSCM service to clients all over the world. As a qualified Technical Security Specialist (TSS), Brian and the team continually broaden their knowledge on technical advancements used in the surveillance landscape offering clients an unparalleled level of service in this specialised field.

Our Technical Team

We believe that providing our clients with a broad range of expertise in Cyber Security is crucial for the integrity and quality of the service we offer.

We adopt a pragmatic approach to data risk analysis and the creation of business process model development and governance.

As part of the Reconnaissance Group, we appreciate the importance of continuous training and development. The cybercrime environment is evolving rapidly and so must our awareness.

Resilient Defence work in partnership with Illuminate Learning to offer our clients relevant, up to date, engaging training online provided by experts in their fields.

Illuminate Learning is a unique eLearning training solution providing captivating, engaging animations, maximising an organisations training and development ambitions.

Building Defence In Depth

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