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The team at Resilient Defence, based in Ballycoolin, Ireland, understands that security risks are constantly changing. What worked one day to protect your company and clients may not work another day, as cyber criminals are regularly changing strategy and tactics. Criminals now have carefully crafted phishing attacks, and resourceful ways to gain access to your data through easily accessible public information. Further, we understand that each industry comes with its own set of risks. That is why we offer custom software packages, designed specifically with your company in mind.
Before choosing the right custom software package for your company, we will do a complete analysis of your business model and take several factors into consideration including the size of your company and the specific concerns that you are looking to address. From there, working together, we will create a custom plan to keep your information, and your clients' information safe and secure. We will address where the main sources of cyber threat come from and custom create a security program meant to keep your employees, data, and clients safe.

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