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Cyber risk analysis, often abbreviated to CRA, is a way for Resilient Defence to take a closer look at your company, and current cyber model, to determine how at risk your company is to a cyber breach. Understanding where your company's weak points are will only help to make your defenses stronger. To analyze your company we look at all aspects ranging from the physical company, to the human network, to the intellectual and technical assets that drive your company. We do a full in depth analysis to gauge how secure your barriers are, but also to understand how savvy and aware your employees are about the dangers and risks of cyber security.
As part of our cyber risk monitoring, we will perform various scans to make sure your company and assets are protected. First, we will perform a web vulnerability scan. This helps to pinpoint any existing gaps in cyber security where a data breach could potentially occur. Next, we will complete a WiFi Access Audit. This tests your company's WiFi to determine if it is possible to access your company's files and information remotely. This is a real danger for cyber criminals looking to skim valuable information from your company's secure data bases, while working remotely. The next part of our cyber risk monitoring is to engage in social engineering, where we examine what information can be pulled from employee's social media pages. Social media has long dominated our lives, and sometimes we can be careless about the information we post publicly. Understanding the risks associated with intertwining the personal and professional world can make your company a safer place. Lastly, we will send out phishing emails disguised from a known and trusted entity. The purpose of these emails it to try to engage employees in divulging secure passwords or usernames. By performing the complete cyber risk analysis we are better able to pinpoint your company's vulnerabilities and better protect your assets.

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