Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (De-bugging)

Information theft is a very real threat to business. It can cost companies significant sums of money and result in the loss of business deals or failure of acquisition strategies, in addition to causing irreparable reputation damage and severe embarrassment.

As modern communication technology becomes more complex and advanced, there are endless opportunities for criminals and eavesdroppers to access and steal your information.

To offset these risks, we deploy state of the art technology in conjunction with an expert search team. We work with our clients to de-mystify TSCM and increase awareness of these growing threats.

What is TSCM?

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) is also known as De-Bugging, Electronic Counter Surveillance, Bug Sweeping or Counter Eavesdropping.

TSCM relates to communication security and is a service that actively seeks to detect electronic components used to illegally obtain information. Modern TSCM requires significant investment in state of the art equipment and ongoing upskilling of its operators.

Surveillance can often take place utilising hardware such as:

  • Radio Frequency Bugs
  • GSM Devices (3G/4G)
  • Wi-Fi
  • Telephone taps

A lack of industry standards has meant that many companies rely solely on technology as a counter measure. Resilient Defence leads best practice by using the most advanced technology while also deploying a search team which is often overlooked.

Electronic Sweep

As a key component to threat identification, concerned parties should look for TSCM Service Providers that continuously upgrade their hardware and skillset. Eavesdropping technology has developed at an extraordinary rate since 2005 and this is further compounded by GSM technology.

At Resilient Defence, we continuously upgrade our hardware while also placing our TSCM operators on regular training courses. Our team work extensively with leading hardware manufacturers to predict and counter future threats.​

Physical Search

Within the Security Industry, TSCM Service Providers quite often neglect the basics. Sweep teams can possess the most advanced detection equipment, however by neglecting the physical sweep, they are at risk of overlooking potential threats. Due to the ability to remotely turn devices on and off, physical sweeps are imperative to successfully carrying out the TSCM service.

Preventative Measures

Resilient Defence will work with you to develop processes & procedures tailor-made to your organisation as preventative measures. These include:

  • Threat Assessment
  • Physical Security Recommendations
  • Communication Security Policies
  • BYOD Recommendations
  • Executive Awareness Program

Building Defence In Depth

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