Vulnerability Assessment

Cyber attacks are now part of the worlds landscape, operating effectively and efficiently like a large organisation.

Without an adequate system assessment, your organisation could be at risk of a security data breach potentially losing clients personal data and valuable asset information.

A Vulnerability Assessment uses automated scanners and common hacking techniques in order to identify known vulnerabilities in your organisations web infrastructure.

The Vulnerability Assessment is part of the methodology used in a full Penetration Test but can be useful to an organisation as a health check to give a snapshot of how secure their web applications currently are.

Vulnerabilities are known flaws or exploits in code or software used in web applications and can be utilised by malicious actors such as Cybercriminals in order to exploit your organisations data or cause disruption to an organisations web based activities.

It is recommended that organisations carry out Vulnerability Assessments at least once a year or whenever major upgrades or changes are made to web applications.

Cyber criminals are evolving at a rapid pace and as such, it is paramount for organisations of all size, to investment and become aware of their cyber attack surface.

Building Defence In Depth

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