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Do you conduct personal matters on your work mobile?

In practice, we should all have two separate phones, one for work and one for business. This is the best course of action to comply with GDPR, but in reality this is just not implemented by most companies.

When you search something on your work mobile at night, do you stop and consider if the topic you are searching is for work or personal and then stop what you are doing and find your personal device and use that to search - again likely the answer is no.

Yet we do not protect our mobile phones. We spend thousands of euro every year protecting our laptops but not our mobile phones which - according to Ericsson

"By 2022, there will be 12 times more mobile data traffic in

Central & Eastern Europe and Middle East & Africa (CEMA)"


Apps are downloaded without reading terms and conditions, the only driver for download is (a) price (b) rating but there is no score related to security?