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It is Time to Teach Children about Cyber Security

Children at a very young age will begin their interaction with technology and would be better off to learn about the risks associated with it early on.  

As adults, learning about cyber security happens from company training courses, general browsing on the internet or social media. For children, it is up to us to incorporate this learning in a way that is relevant and engaging. Paul Mee, from Oliver Wyman, thinks "at a minimum, every young child should know how to keep their information private, to refrain from responding to strangers and to report anything unusual to an adult". 

There are voluntary programmes in different countries that aim to teach children cyber skills.

  • In Israel, Cyber Education Center's Magshimim programme teaches high school studients how to mitigate different types of cyber attacks.

  • In the US, the Air Force Association's national Cyber Patriot education programme teaches kindergartners and publishes children's books like "Sarah the Cyber Hero".

  • The UK's National Cyber Security Centre teaches children how to avoid the most common passwords, what information is collected every time they use social media, and how to track down “patient zero” when a cyber attack hits.

With advancements in technology, equipping children the basic cyber skills would benefit them and can direct them to maintain proper habits for the future. 

Source: "Why Kids Need to Know about Cyber" by Paul Mee, Oliver Wyman

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