Unique to the Irish market, our Cyber Risk Analysis (CRA) approaches your business security considering all moving parts - the human, technical, intellectual and physical assets that make your business successful. 


Our expert team will work closely with your organisation to understand your business assets and security priorities at C-Suite level. We will engage with your employees to gather a clear picture of their security culture awareness while also testing your Technical & Physical security measures to establish your overall threat landscape providing recommendations for short and long term developments.

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Resilient Defence Risk Assessment  

Our teams global security industry experience uniquely places us to analyse your orgnisational risks, truely offering a bespoke solution within your budget.



Information theft is a very real threat to business. It can cost companies significant sums of money and result in the loss of business deals or failure of acquisition strategies, in addition to causing irreparable reputation damage and severe embarrassment.

As modern communication technology becomes more complex and advanced, there are endless opportunities for criminals and eavesdroppers to access and steal your information.


To offset these risks, we deploy state of the art technology in conjunction with an expert search team. We work with our clients to de-mystify TSCM and increase awareness of these growing threats.

Global expertise

We have provided TSCM services in Portugal, San Fransico, Ibiza, Burma, Antibes, Antigua, New York, San Jose, St. Lucia, Jamaica and Ireland.

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