Where do I Start?

We understand the challenges of growing and developing an SME in the competitive Irish Market. As your customers, staff and competitors increasingly become more mobile centric we understand that the challenges required to undertake a ‘digital transition’ can be sometimes daunting for many businesses.

We understand it can often be difficult for SMEs to get an accurate understanding of the new vulnerabilities that you may face in a more digital based business environment. We offer a perfect cyber security starter pack for SMEs. This is a hybrid risk analysis which combines a detailed cyber assessment in conjunction with a physical engagement with your business. This is required to give you a more detailed, rounded view of the levels of threat or vulnerabilities that may be facing the business. We call this starter pack the Horizon Risk Analysis.

Our Approach - Context | Prevention | Response

Resilient Defence have developed a unique CPR methodology to help our clients deal with the challenges in the cyber arena. We believe in working with our clients to develop Context to the challenges faced, while implementing Preventative measures to reduce the impact and ensure Response structures are in place, should an event occur.

The ever evolving threat in cybercrime can be distracting to a business' core mission. At best the risk management effort against cybercrime can be resource consuming, and at worse it can become a legal challenge. Our global background in security risk management, business continuity, crisis management and cybersecurity uniquely places Resilient Defence a holistic security provider offering an unparalleled range of services.

Our team have over 25 years experience in Cyber, TSCM and Risk Management Services, and are fully equipped to provide an in-depth service to our clients.

Our infographic below outlines each stage in our CPR process.

Building Defence In Depth

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